The Paleo Balance Plate - For Your Paleo Lifestyle

$ 12.95

The Paleo Plate is the newest addition to our Balance Plate family. The Paleo (Paleolithic) Plate follows the guidelines of the "caveman diet". This plan basically consists of:

  • Grass-fed meats / fish / seafood
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruits
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seed
  • Healthy fats (coconut, avocado, olive oil, etc.)

Some use the Paleo plan for weight loss and/or low carb plans, it is also very popular in the CrossFit community and among many fitness enthusiasts. The Paleo plan is sometimes used as an elimination diet to determine food sensitivities that may cause inflammation, joint pain and other symptoms.  Proponents of the Whole30 and primal programs use a modified version of the Paleo plan. Others adopt the Paleo program as their choice of a healthy lifestyle!

  • 10" in diameter
  • 100% melamine
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe

These plates are custom made per order in the US, so please allow 2 weeks for delivery.  Will ship separate from in stock plates.

 Please contact us for information on bulk, wholesale, and custom pricing.