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"I've lost 45 lbs using The Balance Plate. My key to losing weight has been eating smarter portions, while balancing my proportions with a variety of healthy food. The Balance Plate does that and more. The design also reminds me daily to bring balance to my life through exercise and living well. It's guided and encouraged me to a happier lifestyle."

L. Reynolds, San Diego, Ca.

A diverse list of companies and organizations that have utilized The Balance Plate:

Anne Sullivan Communication Center

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System

Canyon Ranch Resorts, Hotel and Spa

Child Care Connections of Cleveland County, NC

Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center

Ellie Enterprises

Essential Healing and Massage

Fairfax County Virginia Department of Health

For Holistic Living

The Healthier You

Intel Corporation

Mayo Clinic

Mount Sinai Medical Center

New York Presbyterian Hospitals

Northeast Georgia Health System, Inc.

Peabody Energy

Public Health Solutions of New York

Three Rivers Center for Independent Living

United Healthcare

University of Southern California Health Sciences

Virginia Dietetic Association

Winona County Personnel Department, MN

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The MyPyramid Plate
The Balance Plates
embrace portion control, a
powerful and proven method
for weight loss and management.

One of the key ways to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is through portion control. Research has shown that Americans often underestimate how many calories they are consuming each day by more than 25%. In addition, many of us choose to eat unhealthy foods and in the wrong proportions. The plates are designed to lead you to adopt a well balanced diet and a healthy eating lifestyle.

The Balance Plates control your portion sizes and guide you with five sound principles vital for successful weight loss based upon current USDA nutrition guidelines:

-  Portion
-  Proportion
-  Variety
-  Balance
-  Moderation

Being mindful of these truths brings awareness and inspiration for cultivating a healthy and balanced diet that will stay with you through life.
All five Balance Plates
We have discontinued MyPyramid Plates for only $1.00 each plus shipping and handling. Minimum order quantity of 10 plates. If you would like to purchase these, send an email to letting us know how many you would like and your ship-to zip code. We will calculate your shipping and handling and let you know how to proceed with your order. Click photo above for larger image.
The Balance Rainbow Plate for Kids is a fun and engaging way to illustrate the components of a healthy and balanced diet for your children, while also teaching proper portion sizes and not overeating. Bright and colorful graphics inspire healthy food choices, while each of the plate's four divisions provide about one serving of 1/2 cup of food.

Your kids will strive to "put a rainbow of foods on their plate,"...with 1/4 of their plate being vegetables, 1/4 fruits, 1/4 whole grains, and 1/4 lean meats and/or proteins. Add 2-3 servings of low fat milk and/or dairy daily for all of the nutrition vital to your kids' growing needs. Nine and one half inches in diameter, 100% melamine, and dishwasher safe. Click on image above for photo.


This plate design is based upon the Yin Yang symbol, a beautiful and purposeful form conveying balance and moderation. Its simple message is inspiration for enhancing multiple facets of a well-balanced life. The Yin Yang Balance Plate uses this beautiful image to guide you to a healthier eating lifestyle. A smart diet is the foundation for a healthier you. Using the plate daily will help you to control your weight, and also be a gentle reminder to bring harmony in all that you do. Ten inches in diameter, 100% melamine, and dishwasher safe. Click on image above for photo.

The Balance Rainbow Plate For Kids
The same great Choose My Plate, but with inspiring healthy food images added. Click on image above for photo.

The Balance Plate Yin Yang Design
This is our most descriptive, informative, and motivational plate we offer. All four food groups have serving sizes and recommendations placed directly in each section with accompanying healthy food images. There are also quotes and additional images to inspire a more active lifestyle. Ten inches in diameter, 100% melamine, and dishwasher safe. These plates are custom made per order in the US, so please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

The Choose My Plate

The Balance Plate
The Balance Rainbow Plate For Kids
The Balance Plate Yin Yang Design
Choose My Plate With Food Images
The Choose My Plate
The Balance Plate Purple
Based upon USDA recommendations and guidelines.

Help your kids nurture healthy eating habits that will stay with them throughout life!
Holistic in nature, the Yin Yang symbol has inspired people for ages to live well balanced lives.
Find your balance between food and physical activity
Symbol of a man
The Choose My Plate is the perfect motivational and educational tool in fulfilling the USDA's new guidelines of:

- Build a healthy plate
- Cut back on foods high in solid fats, added sugars, and salt
- Eat the right amount of calories for you
- Be physically active your way

Using the Choose My Plate will be your daily cue to follow these important guidelines and encourage you to a healthier lifestyle! Ten inches in diameter, 100% melamine, and dishwasher safe. These plates are custom made per order in the US, so please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. Click on image above for photo.

The Choose My Plate With Food Images
Woman eating healthy
Balance Plate Logo
Symbol of a man
The Balance Plate Purple